Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentines Day Shirts

Valentine's Shirts

    I have been wanting to batik a shirt after seeing this great tutorial from sweet verbana and then I knew I HAD to after seeing this tutorial at life of charmings.
    Luckily over the holiday break, I had time to hit the thrift stores. I brought this shirt home with the intent to try my hand at batiking.
     The ladies above have great tutorials and pics, but the process is pretty easy.
  • Get your shirt wet.
  • Using the gel glue, draw out your image/relief.
  • Let it ALL dry completely.  Mine set for a couple of days
  • Dye, I used fuchsia by RIT
  • Rinse, wash, you may need to scrub the glue off.
     I have a hard time dumping the dye when I am done.  
     So....I went through my daughter's closet and found a white shirt (it had stains and had already served it's purpose as a white shirt). Therefore, I did a quick ombre dye. (I am ombre crazy)  She liked the idea of a Valentine shirt after seeing mine, but I had already dyed hers. Off I went to get the bleach pen, and I got to work.  I used the pen on the back, just free handed the word love.  Then added a little bling , flexible fabric glue and some sequins. 
I love to create, has been my inspiration for bleach pen shirts in the past.  WARNING, I usually only leave the bleach on for 5 minutes.  If it is left on too long, it will eat through the shirt.

Happy Valentine's Day


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  1. i am so glad you enjoyed this as much as i did!! and your shirts are flawless! i absolutely love the way they turned out!


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