Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY solar wall sconce and garden chandelier

I have a group of old friends, former co-workers, who meet regularly to share bits and pieces of our busy lives.  At our last big pow-wow,  my creative friend Windy, shared one of her new projects. She has been making unique solar chandeliers for friends, family, and even has sold several to co-workers.  She collects old brass chandeliers, takes out the electric innards,adds garden solar lights, and spray paints them black.

Windy's garden chandelier hanging from a shepherd's hook
My finished Solar Wall Sconce

solar garden light before meeting the mower

   I have not found a chandelier to re-purpose on any of my junkin trips lately but I did nab two candle sconces to replicate Wendy's idea.  I had a working led solar light  but no base courtesy of my son's mowing mishap which worked perfectly for my wall sconce idea. I spray painted the solar light black, taking care to mask off the solar panel.

I glued on a quarter before gluing the base to the sconce using E6000 glue.
Just a little trick I learned from my Dad, creates a larger surface area to glue.  
The final step before gluing was a little rub n buff , to add a more textural coppery finish to both the sconce and light. You simply apply rub n buff , I used Spanish Copper, with a soft cloth or your finger and than buff lightly.  I have used rub n buff, a waxed base metallic finish on picture frames, mirrors, home decor items, etc.  Look for posts in the near future on more rub n buff success stories.  Total cost for one solar wall sconce $1.50, or under five bucks if you have to buy a new solar light garden stake.  Just simply unscrew it from its base and you are good to go.
I really like how the rub n buff, purchased at Hobby Lobby,  added a little more character to the piece.  


  1. What a cool idea! I can't wait to see your repurposed chandelier now.

  2. Thanks, gonna start the chandelier this week, looking for solar lights on sale:)

  3. Such a super cool idea! Love it! I think I may have to do this to make a chandelier for my gazebo. Thanks for the great idea.


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