Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boys Bedroom Redo-4th Installment (wall art)

Wall Art
I have seen these t-shirt pictures all over pinterest.  I thought they would be a perfect addition to the boys bedroom redo.  I started hitting the Goodwill months ago.  I was lucky I also had a couple shirts they had thrown out to the crowd at halftime of a high school game, they were too big for anyone.
I have seen several versions: framed, wrapped around a canvas, etc...I didn't want to buy anything, so out to the barn I went.  I found some 1/4 inch scrap plywood and cut it to size on the table saw (13 1/2 by 11).  I wanted mine to be all the same size so I played around with scrap paper til I found the size that would work for all of them. I also used double thickness of quilt batting and tacks.
I just centered it and tacked it down, then put a picture hanger on it.
I love how they turned, I made 4 different ones.
stay tuned for more wall art posts to come
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