Friday, November 16, 2012

Boys Bedroom Redo-2nd Installment (curtains)

Pillowcase Curtains
The boys bedroom theme is Jaguars (their school mascot).  The colors are black and gold, but we are using black and beige.  It was important to me that the dust ruffle and curtains match.  I have made dust ruffles in the past, but knew in reality that was more time and effort then I wanted.  So, I purchased a couple new dust ruffles (again at Wal-mart, they should pay me already). I picked up a couple packages of standard pillow cases at the same time in the same color, with the idea for curtains.  Well, it worked out easily and inexpensively. I cut the cases open, sewed them together, edged and made my pocket for the rod.  I used the already finished edge of the pillowcase as my hem.  Take your time, pin, iron, and then sew.
A tip I learned from my mother years ago, use tape to mark the seam allowance you need.
I hung the curtains for the picture, but will save it for the room reveal too.

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  1. How clever! Those turned out really well.
    I LOVE the idea of using painters tape for the seam allowance. I'm going to have to try that.


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