Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best way to Grill Chicken

I am the 'griller' of the family!  I love to grill, and especially chicken.  When I grill chicken, I usually do a very large Sams/Cosco package.  No reason not to cook them all and use them all week in recipes, or freeze them for those busy nights.
I use my favorite spice.  Just sprinkle it all over the chicken breast.
I place the chicken on the grill about seven minutes a side, on a gas grill on medium.  This gives the great grill flavor and searing.
Then the IMPORTANT part, bag them with foil.  This will lock in all the moisture and keep your chicken breast from drying out.
I usually cook them an additional 10 minutes per side.
These are quick and easy and can be served with any side.  Click here, for my potato plank sides.

More to come on how to use the extra breasts you have cooked.

Go Grill

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