Thursday, June 21, 2012

Braided Bracelets

I love these DIY braided leather bracelets.  They are sooo easy to do!  I saw them first at one of my fav blogs here.  So while out shopping for other craft supplies, I ran across them at Michaels.  The package holds 8 in different shades, with easy to follow instructions included.  I just added some odds and ends charms with a jump ring.
 I made several and wear them all the time.  The gold one is my newest version.  Just painted it first with some gold paint, then braided it.  I thought it was a little too shiny, so I dry rubbed a little burnt umber over the top.

Here is one stacked with some other bracelets.
webbing wrap bracelet here
leather wrap bracelet here
chain bracelet here

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