Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bling it on!

Sitting through an in-service a couple of weeks ago, day dreaming.  I noticed a team mate's cute capris.  Loved the rivet on the cuff.  Of course, I thought "I can do that".
History of the jeans:  I love picking up jeans at the local thrift store.  I picked these up a couple years ago.  They are a size to big and I put a couple of darts in them, similar to my ombre jeans.  Then I cut the length to make them capris, with a small cut at the seam (they were not long enough for me to start with)
I wore them like this for a year or so, sometimes rolling up a cuff.  The cuff never stayed.  So when I saw my team mate's with a rivet, I knew these would be the perfect jeans for the transformation.
 Stitched the cuff up, then folded one corner down.  Used a punch to make a hole, and then used some great rhinestones I had picked up from Michaels (sorry no pics for this-forgot) :(.

Love how they turned out.  
Also, had to add a patch as I had a hole through.  
Post about patch coming soon.


  1. What a cute idea, and another way to get some use out of a pair of jeans that are to short. Brilliant!!

  2. Very clever, love the rivet.


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