Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keep it Organized!

We live in the country, and have three kids.  Therefore, keeping a stocked pantry and being organized are keys to our sanity.
Living in the country, mice are a reality as well.  We have been utilizing tins in our pantry for years, so we won't temp any mice noses. 
My husband brought home chalk spray paint and proceeded to take all the tins to the barn.  He sprayed them all, brought them back and said "post this".  He loves to have his work featured.
Love the unified look to my hodge-podge of tins.  Also, love the fact that the kids (and hubby) can find what they are looking for without my help.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Clip It! vintage clip-on earrings as hair accessory.

My daughter and I's favorite up-do, is the messy bun.  It is fast, easy, and in my daughter's case can be done without brushing.
I love to add a clip on earring(vintage) to dress it up.  
 I do the pony/bun like normal, then clip on the earring through the elastic.  Holds all day, no problems.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

French Country Look for Less

      I love the look of French country linen but not the price! While searching for inspiration, I found these two fabric pieces on ebay, one was priced at $255 dollars, yikes!  I actually found the red striped bag at Goodwill for two bucks and knew it would make the perfect planter to sit on my old park bench.  I wanted to age it a bit and tone down the red so I soaked it in a coffee bath for a couple of hours.  Coffee staining is very easy, I just brewed about eight cups of strong coffee, poured it into a plastic bucket, filled up the bucket with water and added the bag.  The rope handle did turn a little pink so I cut it off and added a burlap one made from scraps from my last project, having a field day with burlap.    

Having a field day with burlap in the garden!

Burlap is all the rage in home decor and even in the garden.  While at my favorite nursery I saw a hay basket lined with a burlap coffee bag.  I have three hay baskets my brother gave me but for the last couple of years I have not used the one attached to my shed because everything I tried to plant was not successful because it was in deep shade. However, this year is different, only half of my river birch is leafed out in front of my shed due to severe drought last summer. I was able to beg borrow and steal three old gunny sacks from my PE teacher after field day this last week.  So my quest for all things burlap was virtually dirt cheap!

       I cut the bag along the seam and placed it in the empty window basket and trimmed it to fit.  An old coco liner was used to help keep the soil in, plus I always use aluminum cans as a light weight filler so I don't have to use as much potting soil.  I liked the look so much I decided to line my wire egg basket with some burlap scraps left over from the window box project.  Coffee filters were placed at the bottom to help keep in the soil and hopefully extend the lifetime of the burlap.  I used the seam, cut from the burlap bag, to tie a knot on the handle so it could hang from my shepherd’s hook. It also looks great on the ground  next to some of my other plants in the garden.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Please take a seat! Vintage chairs as plant stands

     Over the years I have used lots of different vintage chairs as plant stands. They are a great way to add a focal point or even hide a problem area.  My favorite is my wicker chair I found at a garage sale for ten bucks.  I originally wanted to use it for my desk but it was spray painted black and I wanted a lighter cream color.  By the time I finished spray painting the chair it was so stiff and uncomfortable I decided to use it in my front garden.  Always looking for a bargain, I wait until our local garden center has a fifty percent off sell, usually the second week in June, to buy my flowers.  My vintage folding chair had a twin but it finally rusted out so I used the spare.  Last summer, we experienced a severe drought and I lost part of my Japanese quince so this will add a little color as well as camouflage the area.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hi Low Skirt

My Inspiration
I was at the post office the other day, and a lady walked in wearing a knit skirt similar to this.  It looked so cute.  I thought I can do that.
So on our "girls" weekend at the thrift stores, I added a knit skirt.  Lucky for me, my sister found one and it was too big for her.
I went to the expert (mom), for some design help.  I really didn't want to screw this up. So we talked about the curve and got out a roll of brown paper, here is what we came up with. I folded my skirt in half, front to back, and traced it on the paper.  Then I cut out the paper and drew my curve.
Then I used chalk to trace my pattern on to the skirt, and I cut it out. I turned it under about 5/8 and hemmed.  I researched some sites concerning hemming knit (I was nervous).  The general consensus was polyester thread with a small zigzag.  

It turned out cute.  What do you think?
(like my daughter's messy room in the background?  I have to invest in a full length mirror of my own)

The Shabby Nest

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pottery Barn Knock-off tailored pillow

PB Knock off
Pottery Barn Inspirations

More inspirations from Pottery Barn

One button knock off

In honor of Mother's Day, I decided I would feature some of my mom's handiwork.  Several years ago, I was ready for a change in my living room after growing tired of my shabby chic floral pillows and wanted a less fussy look for my slip-covered furniture.  I love the look of Pottery Barn tailored pillows but not the price tags. After showing Mom some different Pottery Barn catalogs plus giving her two linen drapery panels I no longer needed she put her magic fingers to work.   The results are amazing just like my mom! I did stumble upon this great tutorial from DIY Mavan on making a similar pillow, which proves great crafters think alike!

           From my earliest memories my mom as been such a creative soul and a big influence on all seven of us kids. When my sister Anita and I were little she would make us matching dresses every Easter and of course our outfits were not complete with out a frilly Easter bonnet.  Not only did she make our dresses but she knit up a storm so my brothers would be dapper as well!
     My mom was way ahead of the times before pinterest made re-purposing, diy, upcycling, etc. part of our everyday speech.  She was always making do with what she had on hand. I can still picture my brother Bart, in his squirrel costume, crafted out of my Grandmother's old mink coat and chicken wire, falling out of the car as we went around a corner on the way to our community theatre production.  It was mostly my fault because I asked him to roll up the window because it was ruining my up do.  In classic Bart style he opened the door instead of the window.  I know it was a combination of Mom's creative costume design plus the chicken wire that saved him from injury.

           All three of us girls were blessed to have Mom make our wedding dresses and bridal attire. This photo of my sister Lori's wedding shows three generations wearing Mom's handiwork made with talent, time and love. So, here's to you MOM!!!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yard Art Vignettes

What to do with home decor you know longer have a place for, re-purpose it into yard art vignettes.  After moving to a new home a few years ago, I no longer had a mantel to display these finials, so I found a new use for them as accents in my shade garden next to my garage.  Alone, or paired with an ornate wire basket found at an estate sale, its a great way to dress up your favorite garden.

As I was writing my post I came across these English Garden finials from Restoration Hardware, I bought my faux concrete finials at a garage sale for $2.00, so cha-ching, same look for a lot less cash!!

This arrangement includes a shot put left by the previous owner, love the color and texture!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jaguar Painted Slip-ons.

Love my new jaguar slipons.

My daughter and I were out swimsuit shopping the other day, and spotted the perfect blank canvas (shoes) at Target.
As soon as I saw them, I thought of a blog post I had pinned from A Pretty Penny.  Hers were converse lace ups, but I was loving the idea of slip on for summer ease.
We started with some gold splotches, and then a few dabs of bronze.
Finally, had to add the bling.  I love how they turn out, and they are perfect for summer.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

That's a Wrap!

I have gone wrap crazy!
My newest wrap, I just fell into the other night.  
I stopped by my favorite leather supplier, Hunn Leather for some scraps.  They are always willing to unload their trash (my treasure), this time I scored with this webbing. I used it in conjunction with my new tool my husband treated me too!
 I punched a hole in each end, then used my new snap tool (from Walmart I believe), and finally melted the ends with a match.

Viola, an arm full of wraps

Rhinestone chain bracelet found here.
Leather wrap bracelet found here.
Coming soon braided bracelet info!

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