Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keep it Organized!

We live in the country, and have three kids.  Therefore, keeping a stocked pantry and being organized are keys to our sanity.
Living in the country, mice are a reality as well.  We have been utilizing tins in our pantry for years, so we won't temp any mice noses. 
My husband brought home chalk spray paint and proceeded to take all the tins to the barn.  He sprayed them all, brought them back and said "post this".  He loves to have his work featured.
Love the unified look to my hodge-podge of tins.  Also, love the fact that the kids (and hubby) can find what they are looking for without my help.


  1. Love the fact that your dear hubby isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves & get creative....let alone be willing to have it posted! Awesome team you guys make. Just found your blog tonight & have enjoyed reading through your posts. You have a new follower :)


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