Friday, May 11, 2012

Pottery Barn Knock-off tailored pillow

PB Knock off
Pottery Barn Inspirations

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One button knock off

In honor of Mother's Day, I decided I would feature some of my mom's handiwork.  Several years ago, I was ready for a change in my living room after growing tired of my shabby chic floral pillows and wanted a less fussy look for my slip-covered furniture.  I love the look of Pottery Barn tailored pillows but not the price tags. After showing Mom some different Pottery Barn catalogs plus giving her two linen drapery panels I no longer needed she put her magic fingers to work.   The results are amazing just like my mom! I did stumble upon this great tutorial from DIY Mavan on making a similar pillow, which proves great crafters think alike!

           From my earliest memories my mom as been such a creative soul and a big influence on all seven of us kids. When my sister Anita and I were little she would make us matching dresses every Easter and of course our outfits were not complete with out a frilly Easter bonnet.  Not only did she make our dresses but she knit up a storm so my brothers would be dapper as well!
     My mom was way ahead of the times before pinterest made re-purposing, diy, upcycling, etc. part of our everyday speech.  She was always making do with what she had on hand. I can still picture my brother Bart, in his squirrel costume, crafted out of my Grandmother's old mink coat and chicken wire, falling out of the car as we went around a corner on the way to our community theatre production.  It was mostly my fault because I asked him to roll up the window because it was ruining my up do.  In classic Bart style he opened the door instead of the window.  I know it was a combination of Mom's creative costume design plus the chicken wire that saved him from injury.

           All three of us girls were blessed to have Mom make our wedding dresses and bridal attire. This photo of my sister Lori's wedding shows three generations wearing Mom's handiwork made with talent, time and love. So, here's to you MOM!!!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, I LOVE YOU!!!

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