Saturday, November 16, 2013

Built By Bryce - Mudroom Alternative

Check out the Mudroom Alternative my husband (Bryce) created out our backdoor, in the garage.

I must shout this, MY HUSBAND IS WONDERFUL!  He really is the artist in the family. He thinks it, and then is able to create it.  Me, I see it, and copy it.

The shelves  are beautifully built, functional oak. We each have our own cubby.  We have a shelf for helmets, thermos', gloves, etc... Then we have a tall section with hooks for bags, jackets, etc...Finally we have the grated bottom, this is a great place for our rubber boots.
In addition to us having our own 'cubby', we utliized the side for essentials like a papertowel dispenser or bug spray. The top shelves are for those not often used items like party trays or large stock pots.  And don't forget the area for our recycles, just out the door.

Living with a Rock Star,

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