Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Musings-What's My Blog For?

What's My Blog For?

  Where do I begin?  
    I started this post last week, got the first sentence down...then writer's block.  Or should I call it blogger's block...hehehe!
    I created my eblogger account in 2008, as a class I took to get college hours for re certification   I never thought I had any practical use for it in my classroom or life.  Then....
    I stumbled upon some crafting blogs, which lead me to Pinterest in Dec of 2011.  Well my creative juices were flooding me.  Pinterest became a new passion and challenge all at once.  Not only did I repin the wonderful crafts and recipes I saw, but it was my personal mission to try to make them all.  After a few successful creations, I wanted to show the world.  I am sure friends and family were getting sick of the picture texts of completed projects.  So, I quickly found the pinterest app and started a board of my completed projects.  But that wasn't enough for me, I wanted to say more (sometimes I never shut up!), so I embraced my blog and asked my sister to join me.
     Last year, while blogging I felt random undirected and all over the place.  In my head, I was questioning 'why blog'.  
    Well, this year I am not sure I have the answer yet but I do know that; I want intentional posts, direction for the future, maybe even a following, in short My Blog Goal is to have a Blog Goal!!!! Maybe as I discover this goal I will be able to answer "What is your blog for?"

Searching for Blogging Direction


  1. Hi Lori ... Just stopping by here to say thanks for commenting on the post about un-following blogs. I noticed you were a "no reply" but that's because you are using your google plus account. I wanted to respond here.
    Now that I've read this post I want to comment on what you've shared. I was like you in the beginning. I was starting out as a quilting sewing blog and found my niche in so many other areas that I never thought I would venture into. One suggestion to help you in your blog goal is maybe start a regular weekly feature. I started out with my "Tool Time Tuesday". It brings in regular follower and gives you a purpose and direction with posts.
    Another option to help and not sure if you are interested is to add the "Follow" button. Great for people to add your great blog to their blog roll. Sometimes the "follow be email" button is for people who don't have a blogger account or dashboard to add blogs.
    I hope I'm not being to forward. Good luck with your blogging goals

    1. Thanks Karen, I am open and grateful for any words of wisdom from my "experienced" blogger colleagues. Toying and experimenting with ideas for regular features already, glad to know that is the right direction. Also, I have been looking at the follow feature, wasn't sure why I needed that gadget too. Now it makes sense.
      As always your fan,

      *P.S. I have followed your tutorial below for changing my "no reply" status in google+


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