Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just call me Miss Glitter

I have been  in a little bit of funk lately and have not felt very creative or inspired to post, but Valentine's Day put me in the mood for a little glitter.  Many years ago, over 20 to be exact I was happily teaching elementary art as a single gal, better known as Miss Ridder.  One of my cute kindergartners gave me the nickname Miss Glitter since everything in kindergarten looks better with a little bling.  So this post is for you, Logan, where ever you are....

Pinterest is full of diy glitter ideas so I thought I would embellish a t-shirt I bought on clearance last year for my 13 year old daughter, who of course would not be caught dead in this particular Valentine's day shirt.  Well, this year I decide to bling it on so I looked in my freebie stash of donated stuff at school and found my supplies.  I used  Plaid Royal Coat Decoupage Finish and some Be Inspired scrapbook shimmer glitter in red.  I just brushed on the decoupage glue on the LOVE part of the t-shirt which had a distressed look already so  I left some areas of the letters un-glittered so I didn't worry too much about being to exact with my glue.  A few sprinkles with the glitter and I was all set for Valentine's Day.  Check out this post at Wobisobi on more great tips on how to glitter fabric.

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