Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Musings-Balancing Act

The Art of Balancing it All

   As I start a new year, and reflect over the past, I wonder "can I balance it all"?  I have been pondering this since the new year began.  Really the easiest solution I have come up with is to have
time in everyday.  But, as you and I both know time is finite.  Therefore, 
Plan B....
...but I haven't formulated that yet.  I am a great list maker, structure creator, organizer, label-er......but if I take those approaches I am afraid I will be counterproductive.  In other words, use more time creating more time...make sense?
    So as time marches on, I will do my best to make EVERY MINUTE count.  What will you be doing?

juggling my time away

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