Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

I am still catching up and reviewing all the things we did at home before the holidays.

We have put together Gingerbread Houses for years.  Usually I buy a kit at the after Christmas sales and store it for the year (my kids don't eat the gingerbread anyway).  Well this year, I decided the kids are old enough to make their own.  I played around with the idea of making my own gingerbread, but after a round of the stomach flu and the regular flu at our house, I decided graham crackers would work.  So thanks to, my new favorite reference site, I got busy making royal icing.

Enjoy the pictures and get inspired to try it yourself with your kids.


I helped a little with the initial gluing together (with royal icing) of the houses, but they took over after that.  The tree is a sugar cone upside down.

Give them candy and they will build it!

Happy Holidays 

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