Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Peace sign t shirt using bleach

My school is participating in Pinwheels for Peace this Friday, September 21 so I thought it would be fun to make a peace sign t shirt to wear on Friday.  To learn more about Pinwheels for Peace as well as International Day of Peace check out these two web sites, and

$3.00 Walmart clearance t shirt
Draw a peace sign with blue painters tape, spray the shirt with bleach.

For more great bleach t shirts ideas check out this blog

Let the bleach sit for 30 minutes, take off the tape, rinse and cut off the sleeves/ bottom to refashion 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best way to Grill Chicken

I am the 'griller' of the family!  I love to grill, and especially chicken.  When I grill chicken, I usually do a very large Sams/Cosco package.  No reason not to cook them all and use them all week in recipes, or freeze them for those busy nights.
I use my favorite spice.  Just sprinkle it all over the chicken breast.
I place the chicken on the grill about seven minutes a side, on a gas grill on medium.  This gives the great grill flavor and searing.
Then the IMPORTANT part, bag them with foil.  This will lock in all the moisture and keep your chicken breast from drying out.
I usually cook them an additional 10 minutes per side.
These are quick and easy and can be served with any side.  Click here, for my potato plank sides.

More to come on how to use the extra breasts you have cooked.

Go Grill

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trick or treat!

We are experiencing our first cool fall like weather this weekend after a very long and extremely hot summer so Halloween must be right around the corner. I love to dress in costume especially at Halloween so I thought I would share two ideas from one cheap costume from Target.
I bought the cat ears and tail from Target for three dollars several years ago for my daughter and she actually wore them several times.

  I decided to re-use and recyle them.  Last year I added a sparkly top I bought at Goodwill which had a feather collar, threw on a tutu, and I was all set for trick or treating. I think its the cat's meow, not sure my son agrees but he's a teenager:)

At school we had dress as your favorite animal so with a little zebra ribbon and my handy dandy glue gun I was all set!  I borrowed my daughter's zebra skirt, bought a feather boa at Michael's, and my costume was complete.  I just wrapped and glued the ribbon to the headband and inside the sparkly ears.  A little tulle worked great for the mane and the tail was ribbon folded over with a tulle accent.  Fun and so easy!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Spirit Shirts

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Well it is that time again at our house.  This year I have one in middle school and one still in rec, throw in my daughter's activities and all we are doing is driving around.  Know what I mean?

R and I had an evening to ourselves one night when all the boys were at football.  We thought it was time to create some spirit shirts.  I had an XL mens shirt that was thrown out at half time last year, and R had one of her older brother's old school spirit shirts.  So we explored pinterest and got busy.
 After, back and front
The shirt started big and boxy, we trimmed like this:
Then we just rolled the top and 3/4 to an inch and did a straight top stitch.  I had some cording laying around that I fed through and then tied on one shoulder.  When we were done it still was boxy.  My daughter typically uses a pony to cinch up boxy shirts.  This time I just folded them over in the back and top stitch at the hem. Viola!
Thanks to this blog (here) for the great tutorial.
Now mine, didn't think I could pull off the tank maybe 25 years ago.
 Before and After
I trimmed the arms and sewed right sides together.
 I gathered the bottom (so it was snug around the waist) and gradually sewed to the armpit.  Again right sides together.
I was not going to do anything with the neck, but it didn't look right.  Therefore, I trimmed the neck, making a bigger hole and giving the "flashdance" feel.
I got my instrucitons from this great blog (here).
Show Your Spirit

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