Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Ornaments

Where have we been?  Well we all have been busy enjoying the holidays with my family.  I know it is after the fact but the next few posts will be a review of how we have been spending the holidays.

Christmas Ornaments
I started the tradition of making ornaments years ago when I lived at home, thanks to my mother.  She still makes us and all her grandkids ornaments every year.  We love the tradition, and enjoy seeing them as we hang them every year.
I continued the tradition with my own kids when they were old enough to use scissors and glue.  Some years we have been creatively challenged but this year it was easy to come up with ideas, thanks to pinterest.  So I sat my kids in front of the computer and the chose well.

Here is R's ornament.
Clear ornaments (glass/plastic), glitter glue and googly eyes! Inspired by this site here

Here is W's ornament
Painted golf balls, with a nail and string for the hanger, and a wooden bead for the hat!
Inspired by this site here

Here is J's ornament
Old puzzle pieces painted brown, goggly eyes, and a red nose!
Inspired by this site here

Finally Mine
Hot glue and glitter
tutorial can be found here, thanks to 'under the table and dreaming'

Don't forget to have your kids (or you) put your name on them and date them.

Merry Christmas

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