Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wall Art Part 2

Wall Art for the Boys Bedroom
In addition to the tshirt pictures (seen here), we added several other pictures.  Sorry honey, I know you hate holes in the walls.
The chalk board was a frame we had picked up at a craft supply store going out of business years ago. My husband cut a piece of galvanized metal to fit, and we sprayed it with chalkboard paint.  So it is great for messages and magnets.  It has been floating around the house for years looking for a home.
The black frame prints, were bare wood frames we picked up at the same sale.  I painted them black with acrylic paint.  I created a logo for the backdrop on photoshop, then added quotes my boys liked, and used spray adhesive to attach to some mustard colored scrapbook paper.  I am really proud of how they turned out.  I wish I had before pictures.

Finally, I wanted to create a large A C for the wall to match the schools logo.  I thought about paint, no, not a good idea.  On pinterest, I saw someone attach fabric to the wall.  I thought about that too, no.  Finally, after much brainstorming I thought of foam poster board.  Bonus, when I went to Walmart they had it in black.  So, I got out the projector again and projected the letters, used an exacto knife and cut them.  I just used command poster hangers to attach them to the wall. Viola.

Go Jags!

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