Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter window box and planter decor

 I have always like using real greenery cuttings from my yard to decorate my outdoor window boxes and planters during the winter season but the greenery eventually dries out. Several years ago, I stumbled across Wilt Pruf at my local garden center.  You just spray it on your cuttings, evenly coating  all areas.  It really helps extend the life of  your fresh cut greenery and wreaths.

  I also started using artificial greenery as a base in my window boxes and than place the cut greenery in and around the artificial greenery. Its easy to take out the fresh cut stems when they dry out and become unsightly.

This year I decided to use real red pears and faux green apples to give some holiday color along with some pine cones for texture.

Carried the theme over to my porch, in my wire planter by the front door.

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