Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trying to Keep up with the Jones-es....

Throwback Thursday: October 2012 post
In my case, trying to keep up with my sister on fall decor.

     Much to my husbands frustration, my sister got me hooked on the hedge apple display too.  I put them in my window boxes....
Along with some spare bones (cheap plastic ones I picked up one year???somewhere) and some gourds from the garden.  The gourds were looking pretty rough a few years ago.   I grabbed some spare paint from the barn and sprayed them.  I think they may be in need of sprucing up again. 
   I also put them in our old neglected wagon on the porch, with a few more bones and gourds.
  Please notice the cool jack-o-lanterns my husband made.  He took some leftover barn metal cut to size, riveted into a cylinder, and then torched the face. Isn't he awesome!
     Then of course, I pile hedge apples everywhere.  They last for a while until the squirrels come for them.

For my sisters wonderful fall decor click below.

Enjoy  your  weekend!

****special note my husband has asked me to add---please be aware that hedge apples have a short shelf life--they tend to rot and get sticky--enjoy them while you can!***

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