Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Fall decor with hedge apples

We are experiencing our first true autumn weather with a frost predicted over night.  It really put me in the mood to decorate for fall.  I like to use hedge apples in and outside my house to add some fall color and texture.  I usually harvest some from my sister's place but this year I went looking along an old hedge row just outside of town.  I scored a lot of small ones which work great in my cement garden planter by the front door and my hammered metal bowl on the dining room table.  Check out this post on using them in your window boxes.


  1. Love your displays! The hedge apples really catch my eye but we don't have anything like that in Oregon. Wonder if I could make some realistic fakes?

  2. I do know that you can buy hedge apples online, from various vendors in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The average price is about $10.00 for about a dozen plus shipping. Never thought about realistic fakes but granny smith green apples would give the same pop of color.


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