Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween UnCostume

I teach at a Traditional Middle School, if middle school isn't reason enough then traditional is--that is to NOT have costumes at school.  I miss dressing up, so I sometimes have an UnCostume.  This year I wanted to utilize spray paint after a successful experience with it in the past.
I started with a spider ring I found in our Halloween stuff, then I super glued it to a hair clip.  I sprayed it thoroughly with a metallic finish.  This was a Pinterest inspired hair accessory.  (I may add glitter?)

Next I grabbed an old gray t-shirt that had a stain on the front.  A cardboard centerpiece of a haunted house I picked up at Dollar Tree and a can of black spray paint.
We have sprayed shirts in the past and have been pretty successful.  I think we were this time too.  I can't wait to where it.
Under the direction of my 13 year old, I added a ghost too!

Happy Halloween

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