Saturday, August 18, 2012

Table Top Smores

As close to the real thing as it gets.  If it is as dry at your house as it is at ours, this may be a more practical option this year.  Bonfires are just out of the question right now in our part of the country.

I had seen them all over Pinterest, but had never tried it myself.  While attending my niece's wedding (country wedding posts here and here), I was "in charge" of helping at their smore table.  My brother-in-law, had built the troughs and then filled them with river rock.  They had 3 kinds of marshmallows, 3 kinds of chocolate, and 3 kinds of graham crackers.  The smores bar was a hit!

Last Saturday we had an impromptu "Barn" party at our house and we love to finish it up with roasted marshmallows and smores.    
So with little time to prep, I got an old roaster pan that was laying around.  I filled the pan with river rock, and then put in a pile of red hot coals.  Once again no barn party is complete without smores.

Party On

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  1. Great post Lori! I came across your blog while I was looking at table tops and I'm happy I did because I love posts like this. It sounds like you guys had a great time, thank you for sharing this with us!


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