Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jean Skirt from Hubby's Jeans

Earlier this summer my husband went through his jeans and he handed me two pair.  I stored one in my scrap tub to be used for patches, or possible crafts I have found on pinterest.  With the other I was convinced I could make a cute jean skirt out of it.  It is my new favorite thing--I wear it all the time.

 I ripped out the inside seam, the one that goes from the crotch down the legs.  Then I ripped out the seam in front all the way to the zipper, and in the back all the way up to the waist band.  Then I just overlapped them, pinned them, topstitched them, and trimmed them.  I was trying to avoid this weird look.
The jeans were pretty rough when my husband passed them down to me.  I made some heart patches out of the bottom of the legs.  Then decided to do everything in a navy stitch (too lazy to change my bobbin, hmmmm).  I also did some random top stitching hoping to ward off a few other possible holes.
 I love the boho look of all the rough frayed edges.  I did have to go back and zigzag down the front and back next to my top stitch.  They started fraying past the topstitch.  I also top stitched the hem to keep it from continuing to get short.
I think it turned out great.  Again, cheap, fast and easy!

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Happy  Restyling

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