Friday, June 1, 2012

A tisket, a tasket, why not a wire basket as a planter!

Over the years I have collected several wire baskets at garage sales, estate sales, etc.  With the addition of a coco liner or even burlap, its a cheap, creative way to add charm to your garden.  My favorite is a vintage wire bicycle basket that fits perfectly on my weathered cedar fence, for the grand total of fifty cents,  it gives a  much needed punch of color.  Another great find was this large wire basket bought for two dollars at a garage sale.  I originally bought it to house my kids toys but decided it was a great size and shape for a planter.  I use soil moist to keep my soil from drying out so quickly in the hot and windy Kansas summer.  Check out my post on burlap in the garden to see how I used a vintage egg basket.  Its fun to think out side the basket so to speak, so happy hunting!!

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  1. I have several wire baskets also and I use them as planters all the time. Burlap is just fantastic, and cheap as liners:)


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