Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Iron Works

Beware, this is picture heavy! :)
Time to showcase some more of my talented hubby's ability. (my kids hate when I call him this in a post, hehehe).
Although he does not think he is a talented welder, look at these completed projects and tell me what you think.  Creative ideas, useful objects, and sturdy dependable welding.  My husband ROCKS!

 The front step!
My hose holder!

 Our Shoe Scrapper!
Our fire spit/grate for our bonfire pit!
 Our Wagonea (made up word-wagon & chiminea)

My husband cooking on our plow disk wok.  Isn't he wonderful, and soo handsome!

This one is not ours, but snapped this shot when I was at a garage sale in Mission Hills, KC.  I live in the country so it isn't practical for me, but thought you all might like it.
Go ahead and inspire your man!

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