Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sheer Skirt with color block hem

My Sheer Skirt, it was a long and frustrating challenge.  One I wasn't willing to give up on!  I started with about 4 or 5 yards from a curtain I bought at the thrift store.
My inspiration was tons of maxi skirts and sheer skirts all over pinterest.  With the sheer skirt from Made by Lex being my initial inspiration as well as my tutorial.
The skirt was frustrating, and I remade it several times.  Good thing I had tons of fabric and a stubborn streak.  I finally slowed down and was very thorough with my pinning and pressing, thanks to the inspiring statement "Paying attention to detail is what makes a good project GREAT! from the blog Crafty Cupboard.  Although I wouldn't categorize my skirt as "great" it finally came together, and was at least of the quality to wear in public.  
Couple notes, I tried the french seams, uuggghhh! not for me, and I decided to attach my slip. As I become more confident in my process, as well as, my finished product I hope to have actual tutorials.

The lace t-shirt can be found here, and the braided belt can be found here.

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