Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lace Shirt

Lace is everywhere

I was first inspired by the layered lace skirt below.  I had the perfect skirt to add the lace to, but then started thinking about the price of lace per yard.  

Back-up.  I am all about thrifty, so after a Sunday brainstorm with my mom and sister, off to the thrift store I went for old lace curtains.

I found several other inspirational ways to use my curtain.  Hmmmm, what to do now?

I settled for the lace t-shirt, thought it would look great with a skirt I was thinking of.  Sorry no tutorial from me, I was not confident enough in my ability to take pictures as I went.  Click here for the link to the t-shirt tutorial from above.  I followed this tutorial, but did not do french seams used my serger instead, and used ribbon I had for the sleeves and neck.  Click on any of the other pictures above for the links to their tutorials.  Here is my finished product, what do you think?

With jeans and a black tank, or with pearls and skirt and an off white tank.

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