Saturday, April 21, 2012

Honeysuckle Wreath

Honeysuckle, and therefore butterflies, are prolific at my house this time of year.  When I was walking the trashcan down to the curb the other day I was inspired to create a wreath with the smelling honeysuckle that lines my drive.  I had made one years ago, but unfortunately hadn't tackled it recently, I broke out with intense poison ivy after that experience.  My husband made the form out of wire and zip ties. My son and I trimmed some branches with some clippers, and I had a knotted up spool of thin wire in the junk drawer.

I wired my first branch to the base, then continued adding branches. I overlapped my branches as I added them, only focusing on wiring the base of each branch as I went.
When I had made a complete circle with my additions, I took the wire and just wrapped it around the wreath to contain all the wild off shoots. 

Here is my finished project!  What do you think? 
I don't remember how it looks as it dries, but I will take a couple shots in a couple weeks and post back.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don't break out with poison ivy, haha.


  1. That is a beautiful wreath! How nice that it smells good too:)

  2. It turned out cute, and fun to make.


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