Thursday, April 26, 2012

Button, Button...

Who's got the button?

Lovin' all the button bracelets on pinterest. One in particular credited to hopestudios (although I couldn't find the post from the pinterest link, hmmmmm!)....inspired my newest bracelet.
I started with buttons from my button jar. I gathered all earth tones, brown in my new black.  And some braided cord from Walmart.
I started with a loop end, and then knotted it.  I began feeding the buttons on leaving a little space between.  Then, I alternated my style, one time a straight feed, the next a crossed feed.  
After I had the bracelet long enough, I just knotted then end in back.
It felt pretty secure, but I touched the back of each button/cord with a a spot of glue just to be sure.
Love wearing it with a group stacked on my wrist.

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