Friday, March 9, 2012

Pearl, hemp, ribbon necklace

Inspired by this necklace, from wobisobi and this post on pinterest
I made the pearl and hemp bracelet quickly and easily in about 20 minutes.  Love the dressy look of the pearls with the rustic look of the hemp.  My other love is the closure, just a touch of color and soo easy to make, examples at wobisobi.
For the necklace, I started with pearls, hemp and two different ribbons.
I knotted a loop in the end, with three strands of thin ribbon and 3 strands of  hemp about a yard long each. 
Next, I fed my thicker ribbon through and knotted it.  I trimmed my tails short and put a spot of glue on each.
Next, I fed a pearl on each hemp strand, and knotted hemp and ribbon.  I repeated about 6 times.
I repeated my knots and glue at the other end.  Tied my thicker ribbon behind my neck.
Again, I love the classic look of pearls with the rustic look of hemp.

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