Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Will Hunting

 I am going to feature some jewelry that I affectionately call my Goodwill Hunting line.  I love to go to Goodwill, garage sales, estate sales, and the like and have been doing it every since my kids were in car seats.  I have fond memories of my sister, Lori and I's summer adventures when we would load up all our kids in her van, and off we would go for a day of "junking" around.

My zipper bracelet was a $2.99 good will top which I deconstructed, sewed on some ties, and wrapped around my wrist.  I have lots left and plan to make a few more bracelets and maybe a headband.

Another great 99c bargain was my Goodwill scarf turned wrist cuff.  I folded it in half, laid it on my wrist, brought the two ends through, and wrapped it around several times, and than tied it in a knot.  I added a vintage clip on earring I bought last week at an estate sale for a dollar. Make sure the clip is tight or you could snip it off and using E600o glue on a pin back.  Love the trendy color combo!!!

Oh where or where can I find elastic cord besides online and in bulk.  Well you guessed it, Goodwill!!!  I  was shopping for inspiration at Urban Outfitters (see it here)  and stumbled on these cute elastic cord bracelets.  I looked for thick elastic cord at my local craft stores but only could find it online in bulk.  Just happened to come across this 99 cent belt, and the rest was history.  I used some chain left over from another project, took the cord through the chain, tied a knot, used fray check and a dot of glue.  Not bad for 99 cents plus I have more cord and some ribbon left for other projects.

Happy Hunting!!


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