Friday, March 9, 2012

Celebrating Spring

My friends at Sugar Bee Crafts are sponsoring a "celebrating spring" photo contest. No worries, she says it is just a random drawing.
I know it is spring at my house when my jonquils are blooming.  I am off today, took a personal days since my kids are out of school.  Ventured out in my p.j.s and snapped this photo.  Wish I would have gotten a pic yesterday as we had snow and sleet, and the picture would have turned out cool.  I had to work, and I leave before it is light out.  By the time I got home later that day, the snow and ice were all gone on that side of the house.
"My entry into Sugar Bee Craft's Celebrating Spring competition, sponsored by Appliances Online and Beko Fridge Freezers"


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