Monday, March 26, 2012

Anthro knock off worn three ways

Knock offs are all over pinterest and the web, so I thought I would try one.  I found this decastrand necklace on Anthropologie, which sparked an idea for using up some unwanted chain necklaces and some rhinestone chain from Walmart.  I used a simple jump ring, added the chains and attached it to a toggle clasp.  I tied torn ribbon for the bows on the jump rings and added a dot of glue to prevent too much movement.  Two of the circular ring charms were grommets from an old purse, which I took off and glued rhinestone chain to using E6000.  The necklace, minus the ring charms, wraps around my wrist three times which looks great with my arm candy grouping, I call the Midas touch.  The third look is a vintage clip on earring with a vintage rhinestone.  I take off the ring charms and clip on the earring for a totally different  look.  It also makes a great layering necklace all by itself without any embellishments.

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