Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pottery Barn Knock-off Baby Footprint Kit

Great baby shower gift!!
When my niece, Chelsie, had her first baby three years ago,  I gave her a Pottery Barn knock-off  Baby Footprint Kit. The one at Pottery Barn is a hinged frame for both the hand print and foot print,and retails for $79.00. Love the look, not the price!!! So I went to Hobby Lobby, bought a 8x10 frame, some scrap book paper, and a stamp pad.  It was a huge success and only cost me $12-15 dollars after shopping when the frames were 50% off and using my 40% off coupon for the stamp pad. I tore the white paper, printed the little guy's feet, and float mounted the footprint stamped paper on the patterned paper using an archival glue stick.  I have given the kit too lots of moms and babies and it is always a big hit!! One good friend's daughter actually took the paper to the hospital and was able to get the footprints done by the hospital staff the day her daughter was born.  I put together a kit for a baby shower I am going to tomorrow night so I decided to share.  This time I chose an espresso frame, several different scrap book papers, and an espresso stamp pad to match the new baby's decor. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Iron bed trellis

I found this old iron headboard  at a garage sale for fifteen dollars on one of my junking trips.  I knew right away it was a perfect solution for a problem area next to my shed.  It helps hide this corner of my yard which gets very little sun and the soil is very acidic due to the shower of pine needles it receives from a nearby pine tree. I love the vibrant blue of morning glories plus they will reseed themselves from year to year!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Braided Bracelets

I love these DIY braided leather bracelets.  They are sooo easy to do!  I saw them first at one of my fav blogs here.  So while out shopping for other craft supplies, I ran across them at Michaels.  The package holds 8 in different shades, with easy to follow instructions included.  I just added some odds and ends charms with a jump ring.
 I made several and wear them all the time.  The gold one is my newest version.  Just painted it first with some gold paint, then braided it.  I thought it was a little too shiny, so I dry rubbed a little burnt umber over the top.

Here is one stacked with some other bracelets.
webbing wrap bracelet here
leather wrap bracelet here
chain bracelet here

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY solar wall sconce and garden chandelier

I have a group of old friends, former co-workers, who meet regularly to share bits and pieces of our busy lives.  At our last big pow-wow,  my creative friend Windy, shared one of her new projects. She has been making unique solar chandeliers for friends, family, and even has sold several to co-workers.  She collects old brass chandeliers, takes out the electric innards,adds garden solar lights, and spray paints them black.

Windy's garden chandelier hanging from a shepherd's hook
My finished Solar Wall Sconce

solar garden light before meeting the mower

   I have not found a chandelier to re-purpose on any of my junkin trips lately but I did nab two candle sconces to replicate Wendy's idea.  I had a working led solar light  but no base courtesy of my son's mowing mishap which worked perfectly for my wall sconce idea. I spray painted the solar light black, taking care to mask off the solar panel.

I glued on a quarter before gluing the base to the sconce using E6000 glue.
Just a little trick I learned from my Dad, creates a larger surface area to glue.  
The final step before gluing was a little rub n buff , to add a more textural coppery finish to both the sconce and light. You simply apply rub n buff , I used Spanish Copper, with a soft cloth or your finger and than buff lightly.  I have used rub n buff, a waxed base metallic finish on picture frames, mirrors, home decor items, etc.  Look for posts in the near future on more rub n buff success stories.  Total cost for one solar wall sconce $1.50, or under five bucks if you have to buy a new solar light garden stake.  Just simply unscrew it from its base and you are good to go.
I really like how the rub n buff, purchased at Hobby Lobby,  added a little more character to the piece.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

American Pride

Beware, Another photo heavy post
Show your Pride in America this Summer.  Hopefully the pictures below will serve as inspiration.

My Front Door!  I made the wreath on the wire frame seen in this post, and all the red, blue, and patriotic bandannas I could find in the house.  I then just added the two little flags
I continued the bandanna theme with the window boxes, as well as, the little flags.
Then I did a NO sew recover of a porch pillow with a couple of patriotic bandannas (I found these at Michaels several years ago)

I then moved around, hung our actual flag, and added odds and ends to our back deck.  The crown from a previous fourth parade, and the pinwheels in our "oregan trip" centerpiece.
Finally, I headed out to the road.  My husband carved a bear from a fallen cottonwood tree a couple of years ago, so he is at the drive ready to great visitors.  He often changes with the seasons, the 4th of July is no exception.  My sons hat, and a couple of little flags.  Then I hung the bunting my mom gave me on the front gates. 
 Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Iron Works

Beware, this is picture heavy! :)
Time to showcase some more of my talented hubby's ability. (my kids hate when I call him this in a post, hehehe).
Although he does not think he is a talented welder, look at these completed projects and tell me what you think.  Creative ideas, useful objects, and sturdy dependable welding.  My husband ROCKS!

 The front step!
My hose holder!

 Our Shoe Scrapper!
Our fire spit/grate for our bonfire pit!
 Our Wagonea (made up word-wagon & chiminea)

My husband cooking on our plow disk wok.  Isn't he wonderful, and soo handsome!

This one is not ours, but snapped this shot when I was at a garage sale in Mission Hills, KC.  I live in the country so it isn't practical for me, but thought you all might like it.
Go ahead and inspire your man!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Lace It Up!

My second attempt at a lace shirt, LOVE IT!  My last attempt at a lace shirt turned out, hmmm okay. You can see it here.  I think it looks better in the picture then in real life.  This shirt is the opposite. I was at Wal-mart the other day and ran across this cute stretchy lace. I bought a yard (wish I had bought a little more since it was only $1). I knew right away what I wanted to make.
 This was my inspiration, a shirt from target I bought a couple weeks ago for $4.  I liked the slouchy flash dance look, and the idea that that I didn't have to do seperate sleeves.
I have a roll of newsprint that is great for pattern making.  I laid the shirt out to get the shape, and then cut it in half and made the front and back neckline.  I put my pattern pieces on the fold, utilizing the selvage as the bottom hem.  I sewed the sides and top together, then cut some cuffs for the sleeves, again utilizing selvage so I didn't have to create a hem.
 I used scraps to create the neckline.  I just cut them about 2 inches thick and sewed them together, folded them in half and sewed them to the neck.  I know there is a special way to create that (on the bias), but I have not researched and just gambled.
I love the way it turned out, just stretchy enough.  It didn't photograph well, and I am not sure the color is for me.  But, I think I will wear it a lot, especially with my new scalloped shorts.
 I thought it was cute with or without a belt.
braided belt here
scalloped shorts coming soon
Love hearing from you all, and thanks for visiting.

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